Membership in the Hungarian Water Utility Association (MAVÍZ)

Aquacust Company has a membership in the Hungarian Water Utility Associiation (called MAVIZ) from the beginning. 

Our experts were present at the founding of the MAVÍZ (then VCSOSZSZ) has been the foundation of our ancestors is still active and worthy to represent the cause of the Non-Revenue-Water (NRW) reduction.

From the very beginning we have been providing education, counseling and training in the spread of network diagnostics, its methodology and philosophy. The oldest Hungarian water network has more than 150 years of safe operation - but nothing lasts forever, even if hidden underground.

Where to start pipe replacement, reconstruction or renovation? To do this, we provide our expertise, our services, we have been collecting and providing data since 1995.

Please visit the MAVIZ website for a lot of interesting information.